Mishnah Kodashim Personal size - 14 Volume Slipcased Set

Mishnah Kodashim Personal size - 14 Volume Slipcased Set
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By Rabbi A.J. Rosenberg
It has been called a commentary unexcelled in any language — and it is. The Yad Avraham translation and masterful commentary has been the first choice of talmidei chachamim and laymen since it first appeared

Now it is available in a soft-cover, pocket-size edition — the only difference is that you can take it with you, in a pocket, a briefcase, or even to keep in your desk drawer for those precious minutes when you can bring Torah study into a hectic day.

Now, for the first time, an entire Seder is available in this convenient, economical size. Seder Kodashim is waiting for you — and the other sedarim are in preparation.

Add Mishnah to your own day. It’s ideal for anyone who loves to learn or who is looking for a perfect graduation or bar mitzvah gift.

Seder Kodashim“The Order of Holy Things” — treats the laws of Temple sacrifices and other consecrated objects. All eleven tractates of Seder Kodashim are included in this set. Paperback Dimensions: 4 1/4"x 6"