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Amazing 2018 Babylon

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★ With its 6,200,000 words and 300,000 expressions and idioms, Babylon leaves any other existing dictionary far behind.
★ This is the only dictionary that includes all* the Hebrew verbs -- each with all its possible conjugations! This means that every word and every verb, (in any form and in any tense), is already in Babylon.
★ Babylon allows searching for expressions that include multiple words.
★ Babylon also allows you to toggle between words in any sentence and instantly translate each word while still keeping your current search active.
★ You can bookmark desired words and their translations for later focused study.
★ It has a high resolution green display with a pleasant dark blue text color, especially designed to reduce eye fatigue.
★ 32 With Babylon you can search for sentences, not just individual words*!
*sentences that are valid expressions.