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Jerusalem Mezuzah - Burgundy & Gold- Large

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Product Description

A large traditional mezuzah that has gold on the Jerusalem city and walls, and around it its Burgundy. There is a beautiful star of David that resembles the Jewish nation. On the very top and on the very bottom there is a hamsa (evil eye). With Gods name is written right under the hamsa your home will surely be protected with this mezuzah!

Dimension:  L- 12 inches W- 1 inch

Product Options 

If you choose "No Scroll", we'll ship you the mezuzah with no scroll inside. Choose this if you already have a scroll. 

If you need a scroll as well, choose "Add a Kosher Scroll". We'll ship your mezuzah with a Basic Kosher scroll already rolled and inserted inside the mezuzah.

What is a Mezuzah

Mezuzah's will bring blessing to your home. According to Jewish tradition, they should be on every door of your home. Besides the front door, Mezuzah's also go on the back door, bedroom doors and many other doors of your home.