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Passover Table & Matzah Cover

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 The most original and unique Passover tablecloth. with vibrant color, The Hebrew Text  from Hagadah “In every generation, a person is obligated to regard himself as if he personally left Egypt.”

Beautiful icons telling the story of Passover and going out of  Egypt. Jewish tablecloth for Yom tov Pesach.

Linen Cotton Blend.
Easy cleaning.
Regular wash.

Size: 55" x 122"

Customer Reviews

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Tziporah Simani
Beautiful Tablecloth!

Bought this tablecloth for Pesach, we had just bought a new larger table and I saw this and needed it. The tablecloth is beautiful, and the material is heavy, so it doesn't fly up when someone passes it. It came with a matzah cover and we really enjoyed this new tablecloth for Pasach. This was a great buy and great choice. The customer service was fantastic as well, they wanted to make sure that I had the right size for my table, so they called me, just to make sure, and I measured it and we found that I have ordered the wrong size initially, but we were able to change it to the right size. This is a great store, they have amazing products and wonderful customer service.