Premium Chanukah Candles - Blue, Light Blue & White


Enhance your holiday celebration with these beautiful candles!
Tall Blue & White Hanukkah Candles in your menorah. These candles feature a hand-dipped tri-color design. They are dark blue at the bottom light blue in the middle and white at the top. With 45 slim and tall wax candles you'll have enough for all eight nights!

Thheir warm glow and festive look will bring the joy of Chanukah into your home. 

• Sized to fit most menorahs (9mm).
• Burns clean and bright for more than one hour.
• High quality, lead - free wicks. INCLUDES:
• 45 Candles for all 8 days of Chanukah

3-8in wide x 5 1-4in tall Wax

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