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Ketubah Close Up

Ketubah Close Up

Looking for a wedding Ketubah?
Mitzvahland is THE Best place to visit and find the best
marriage-contract-turned-beautiful-piece-of-art to admire in your home forever and always. Mitzvahland’s Ketubah selection is just incredible and stunning, while maintaining the powerful message inscribed on each Ketubah combines it own unique design and color illumination. As an elegent piece of calligraphy, the Ketubah is also the jewish wedding contract thats binds together husband and wife in unity. To see our Ketubah selection, PRESS HERE >
We have more Ketubah to choose from in stock at our store in Los Angeles (Mitzvahland 16733 Ventura Blvd, Encino 91436). Come in and see our wonderful Ketubah selection today!!

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