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Tehillim Mechulak - Tehillas Leah Sarah Edition

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In the past years, thousands of groups worldwide have been formed to recite "Tehillim Mechulak," with each member of the group receiving a booklet with several chapters of King David's Sefer Tehilim (Psalms) and reciting it, so the entire Tehillim is recited in a short time.

This set of booklets comes in an elegant display box. Features include:

  • A boxed set of 30 booklets divided by the Yom (the daily Tehillim)
  • Fully vowelized Hebrew text, with the classic ArtScroll English-language translation
  • A gold-stamped elegant leatherette box
  • The box opens and closes with a unique magnetic flip panel for easy access
  • Light, easy-to-carry to group gatherings
  • Room on the box front for imprinting for a name for a refuah or zecher nishmas

Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 4.75 x 6.75 x 3 inches /
Size: Full Size

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Tehillim Mechulak Set