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If your on the path seeking Hashem, this book is the road map.
Wisdoms expressed simply and beautifully.
Baruch Hashem

Hanukkah Oil Candles

I bought a beautiful Menorah from Mitzvah Land and they had the oil candles for it and it looked beautiful by my window! I am also located in an area where they don't sell the oil and Mitzva Land took the time to help me over the phone so I can get the right size oil cups for the other menorah I had in my house. Everything came in time. Very good customer service and so happy with my purchases!

Elegant Crystal Menorah
Elizabeth Garcia
9 Candle Elegant Crystal Menorah

I was so excited to open the box and when I saw this elegant crystal menorah I was in awe. I love it and recommend it.


Excellent quality and value! Thank you!

I'd rate if 9.5/10.

Excellent Sukkah, as shown on the photos. The quality of the sewing of the windows isn't perfect (and it's broken/open on one of the 3 windows). Yet, overall the Sukkah is great, quality of the metal posts is super high quality. We got it shipped within 1 day (Ground from Los Angeles to San Diego), even when ordering Friday afternoon before Shabbat started.

Sukkah Fun

Easy to install and personalize. It took us less than an hour to set up the sukkah & start decorating.

Adjustable Sukka Kit

Delivery was super fast! Free shipping from CA to Tampa!!! Who ever would have thought??! What a bonus! Set up was a breeze!!! My neighbor said it was better than hers because the walls have zippered connections! That fact made the set up so easy!!

Grape cluster lights

Love these lights. They are very pretty and soft.

Acrylic Washing Cup - Jerusalem
Anne-Marie Dheere
Beautifully crafted Netilat Yadayim cup

So simple and light yet so beautifully made.

Game Changer

Mitzvahland is great!! Thank you Moshe for all your help!

amazing strap! it looks exactly like the one on my Rabenu Tam Tefillin! very good quality

amazing strap! it looks exactly like the one on my Rabenu Tam Tefillin! very good quality

Amazing Tallit, perfect fit! Quality is beyond my expectations.

Amazing Tallit, perfect fit! Quality is beyond my expectations.

Love my menorah

As soon as I send my order they started packing and sent it right away. I love the fast service.
Thank you


Received before expected. Well packaged. Neat and beautifully boxed. So excited!!!! Started reading straight away. #thankyouHaShem

Excellence All Around!

I was highly satisfied with the prompt delivery time and the condition + quality of the books themselves (including the holder they all came in) is spectacular. The price is well worth it. I would definitely recommend this set to anybody interested in a Hebrew/English Tanakh.

Huge Volumes.

You can never tell if what shows up is smaller than you thought. Not the case here. It is almost as big as my Kehati set. Large books easy to read and absolutely packed with more than you may imagine. This is a great set. BH

Beautiful Tablecloth!

Bought this tablecloth for Pesach, we had just bought a new larger table and I saw this and needed it. The tablecloth is beautiful, and the material is heavy, so it doesn't fly up when someone passes it. It came with a matzah cover and we really enjoyed this new tablecloth for Pasach. This was a great buy and great choice. The customer service was fantastic as well, they wanted to make sure that I had the right size for my table, so they called me, just to make sure, and I measured it and we found that I have ordered the wrong size initially, but we were able to change it to the right size. This is a great store, they have amazing products and wonderful customer service.

Great Sukkah!

I love this Sukkah! It was easy to set up and we have been truly enjoying spending time in it over this holiday! Would have been helpful to recommend size of supports needed for roof, but eventually figured it out. A quick trip to the Home Depot helped us to complete the project. Also, we ordered the etrog and Lulav set. Was disappointed with the Lulav, as the leaves had all fallen off by the time it was shipped to me.

Mitzvahland is the place for your Succoth needs!

Where do you get 800sf of kosher schach bamboo for a Sukkah? The same place we got the original 5400sf for our mega sukkah. Great price was highly competitive and only this year are we replacing a few of the original mats.
Not to mention their lulavs and etrogim! Always in stock at great prices and quality!


Wanted to update my Seder plate this year and I love this one.

Thank you for fulfilling my order.

The string is beautiful. Today is my first day wearing it. My son and I tied the string on each other. And I’m going to post the prayer by our door as a reminder every time we leave our home.

Beautiful Addition

We are happy to have this beautiful addition to our Pesach collection. Thank you again for your help and great service.

High Praise!

I was pleased to receive my full sized black Stone Edition Tanach in perfect condition. I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you!

Very pleased!

We purchased our very first Sukkah! We enjoyed many evenings and occasionally breakfasts and lunches too! We are very happy we started a new family tradition!

Blessing to our family

We live in a small apartment and normally we go out to homes for Sukkot. This year we had to make a hard choice to make a sukkah where we park at our apartment. Tight on money because of my husband lost his job, we were very worried on price. I saw a flyer at Pacific Kosher Pizza about Mitzvah Land having great prices on sukkahs. Sure enough they were the BEST price and we couldn’t believe what all it came with!! It was an absolute blessing to our family during this hard time. We LOVE the sukkah and are excited for future years having a sukkah and inviting guests!!