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Order by Phone 877-505-7700


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Mitzvahland is the place for your Succoth needs!

Where do you get 800sf of kosher schach bamboo for a Sukkah? The same place we got the original 5400sf for our mega sukkah. Great price was highly competitive and only this year are we replacing a few of the original mats.
Not to mention their lulavs and etrogim! Always in stock at great prices and quality!


Wanted to update my Seder plate this year and I love this one.

Thank you for fulfilling my order.

The string is beautiful. Today is my first day wearing it. My son and I tied the string on each other. And I’m going to post the prayer by our door as a reminder every time we leave our home.

Beautiful Addition

We are happy to have this beautiful addition to our Pesach collection. Thank you again for your help and great service.

High Praise!

I was pleased to receive my full sized black Stone Edition Tanach in perfect condition. I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you!

Very pleased!

We purchased our very first Sukkah! We enjoyed many evenings and occasionally breakfasts and lunches too! We are very happy we started a new family tradition!

Blessing to our family

We live in a small apartment and normally we go out to homes for Sukkot. This year we had to make a hard choice to make a sukkah where we park at our apartment. Tight on money because of my husband lost his job, we were very worried on price. I saw a flyer at Pacific Kosher Pizza about Mitzvah Land having great prices on sukkahs. Sure enough they were the BEST price and we couldn’t believe what all it came with!! It was an absolute blessing to our family during this hard time. We LOVE the sukkah and are excited for future years having a sukkah and inviting guests!!


I need the Tallit

Click Sukkah 8 x 10
Sharon Freundlich
8X10 Sukkah with Scach

Beautiful Sukkah.
What impressed me most was the excellent customer service to address my questions and concerns.
I recommended that they should upload an instructional video and enclose visual and written instructions .
They addressed my concerns for sizing,parts , and assembly.
Mitzvahland has very good customer service.

Stone Edition TANACH

Me and my wife opened it up. Beautiful for starters. Full size has perfect text size- I like that theres limited commentary because I can order a Chumash if I want the commentarys etc.
Beautoful english translation as well.
It included the markers cantor markers. So much to it

Impressive - Timelines, Maps, lineages, cantor markings, charts. VISUALS IN THE BACK. Everything you need including the blessings for Torah and haftorah.
Ive been reading it everyday. Its everything We hoped for.
When scouting the Prophets from the back of the Tanach I was excited to see that they have it organized by subtitle sections which match perfectly.

Mahalo from Maui. Todah Rabah and Baruch Hashem!!



Very nice Haggadah and lightweight so it won't hurt your wrist! Shipping was surprisingly quick.

Five stars

Best purchase I made in a while, I really Love the design!


I never before read a book like this, thank you very much, you have a stupendous service, God bless you!

Great service!

I bought a book set at a great price, lower than even Amazon. The books were well packaged, and they kept me informed via email on the delivery date.

better then i expected it to be

i am genuinely impressed how fast it came also its really so i doubled it around my wrist it makes it stronger

Very Impressed!!

I am very impressed! This Siddur is gorgeous and not only that, but it has wonderful detailed instructions that are extremely helpful for those doing Teshuva. I love the interlinear approach rather than the linear. The interlinear gives a better flow and understanding to the prayers which brings a more meaningful richness while praying. Would Highly recommend! This is the best Siddur I have ever had and used.

Thank you so much!

These books were the wedding present my husband and I chose to gift ourselves in our commitment to inform and enrich our Jewish home. The volumes are lovely and the translations a good read. Thank you again!


thanks i am really happy, you are serious people.

Game Changer

This Sukkah is a game-changer! I have put up a lot of canopies over the years. We loved our last sukkah(can't remember manufacturer), and it was great quality; the frame lasted for years, even through a replacement cover. THIS one is all that and more. Frame is great quality construction & weight. The Schach is also great quality, with the nice features you want, such as inner linings to all support features (i.e., all inner ties ( bungees), etc., are attached to a separate reinforced fabric piece to prevent the bungees from ripping the actual cover.). . And the absolute best part of the frame is the side support post. Once you have the sukkah properly placed and preliminarily attached, you can roll out the the bamboo mat i had to purchase separately, and the sukkah goes to where you need it. They actually did think of everything.
I was able to put up this whole assembly by myself (I am a 5'4" female). AND a great price along with the quality. This is honestly the only sukkah I will ever purchase now. COMPLETELY RECOMMEND!

Walls Far Too Short

I would love to speak with someone at your company about the walls on my 6x8 Sukkah. The vinyl is about 1 foot short so there are very wide gaps (6-8 inches) on either side of the front of the sukkah, where the walls attach to the frame. I'm questioning whether the sukkah is kosher with such gaps...

Aside from that, everything assembled well and I'm happy with the product. But, the walls are definitely too short and if I could get a replacement that is a bit longer, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm also happy to send pictures of the sukkah and measure the vinyl.

Feel free to email me back at [****] or give me a call at 2017597000.

Tizku L'mitzvot!



This is the first Sukkah I’ve assembled. So easy and straightforward. All pieces came together as expected. The tarp was longer than required for this size. I very easily folded it at the back and secured the fold with a bungee. I may get some extra pieces for next year to make it 10x10. Thank you

Soo beautiful

Excellent to read it in Hebrew and English. Easy to use it. The best siddur ever.

Machzor Lev Eliezer L'Yom Kippur with Linear Transliteration and English Translation - Sephardic

Mehadrin Bamboo Mat 6' x 12' - Schach Mat
Palo Alto Yid

Great delivery proccess!

I haven't opened it yet but it looks good and the price was right

Great item!!!!

I love this sukkah. It’s amazing!!!