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Sukkah Instructions for Adjustable 20x20 - XXL Sukkah

This instructions is for a XXL Sukkah/20x20

This Sukkah Might come in 4 boxes & a small bag with extra parts 

& all you will need to do is use the parts as per the instructions which are needed for a 20x20 & the rest you can either throw out. Or keep them to have extra spare parts.

In-order for your sukkah to stay sturdy we will be building 2 XL Sukkah/10x20 Separately & connecting them together via a clamp:

We will be giving you 6 Clamps and you will connect one side of the standing poles to the other one.

2 clamps per pole as seen in the diagram (the red circles are where to place the clamps to connect both sukkahs together 



Here is the instructions for the XL/10x20 (which you will need to build two of)

Instructions - click here




Below is a video of building the sukkah, however it is NOT the size you are building(10x20)