Handmade Shmurah Matzah

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1 lb. includes approximately 7 Matzot in plain box.

All Matzah sold through this website is strictly Kosher for Passover 2019.
Rabbinical Supervision: OU-P

Matzahs are whole when packaged by the matzah bakery. We strive to handle and package your Matzoh so that you can receive it in perfect condition. We are UNABLE to open the actual Matzah box to provide extra padding as that will null the Kashrut status of the Matzah. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the handling of packages as soon as they leave our warehouse. Please check your matzahs well before erev Passover to insure you have enough whole matzahs for the seders. Unfortunately we can not guarantee that any of the matzahs will be whole.