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Lulav and Etrog Israeli

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Current price $74.95

Etrog, Lulav, Hadas & Aravah All Included

 Shipped after Rosh Hashanah to Stay Fresh

 Blessings & How To Shake It Included

 Grown In Israel Shipped From USA

Highest Level Of Kosher Certified

Mitzvahland has over 30 years of experience supplying Lulav and Etrog sets to the Jewish community. We sell only the finest, freshest and "frumest" four species. Packed to withstand shipment. Each set includes Lulav (palm branch), Hadassim (myrtle branches), Aravot (willow branches) and an Etrog. 

Each sets is different and priced accordingly in the degree of "perfection"

Each set includes
1 Etrog
1 Lulav 
3 Hadasim
2 Aravot
1 plastic bag

A pre-checked and kosher set will be sent to your doorstep just in time for Sukkoth. Please choose Express shipping.

Please note: These are natural items which need refrigeration to preserve them properly,  Please take care to open package immediately and place the willow and myrtle in the refrigerator until the eve of Sukkot.  

Due to shipping constraints the last date for ordering will be
Wednesday September 20, 2023
Please choose Express Option to arrive on time.

Set: Standard
Pitam: Etrog W/ Out Pittum





Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Natasha R
My favorite store

This item I purchased was in great condition. The staff was amazing with putting it together for me and providing me with the prayers.

Gail Selinger
Gorgeous Lulav and Etrog

The product came quickly. It was so securely packaged that none of the leaves had fallen off the branches nor could it move around in the packing box. It also looks beautiful. I will be purchasing these again every Succhkot from now on.

Lou Santini

Love the quality of everything that I received in my Lulav and Ertog, but Willow wasn't in great shape. Maybe shipping the willow in water tube stems and not freezing for shipping may help. All in all, I'm very happy with the overall quality, and I especially like Mitsvaland's customer service.

Mike Stewart
Nice set!

The Lulav and Etrog arrived intact despite the box being broken. All contents were there and are beautiful! I would buy another set from you next year. We are happy with the set. Thank you Mitzvahland!

James Lambert
Joyful Sukkot!

Speedy delivery very fresh! Wonderful smelling Estrog! Beautiful,, such a beautiful piece of The Word! Thank HaShem! Thank Mitzahland!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference in sets?

All of our Lulav and Etrog sets are 100% Certified kosher, the difference in prices represent different grading levels based on cleanliness, shape and size. The grading process is done by professionals in the industry.

When will it be shipped?

Your lulav & etrog will be shipped after Rosh Hashanah in time for Sukkot.

Where is it grown?

Our lulav & etrog are grown with care at special Citron orchards in central Israel.

What's Included?

3 Vacum packed Haddasim
2 Vacum packed Aravot
1 Traditional Lulav holder (Koishele)
1 English-Language instructions guide
1 Special Lulav bag