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High Quality Kosher Tefillin Set

High Quality Kosher Tefillin Set

Complete ready to use set of excellent high quality Tefillin. Genuinely made and 100% kosher from Israel hand written parchments located inside the leather boxes of the Tefillin. These Tefillin are Computerized and manually checked with an included certificate to certify the kashrut of each pair. This great and long lasting set of Tefillin is perfect to wear in fulfilling one of the most essential commandments. Tefillin is a Highly recommended gift for a bar-mitzvah or for any jew above the age of thirteen who simply wants to put on Tefillin and connect!!!


Come check out a set of Tefillin at our store in Los Angeles (Mitzvahland 16733 Ventura Blvd, Encino 91436). We will match you with the right pair!

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