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Best Quality Sukkah Roof Schach For your Sukkah

Best Quality Sukkah Roof Schach For your Sukkah

Mitzvahland Sukkah Roof Schach for sukkah are Mehudar – Mehdrin. These Sukkah Roof Schach are 100% kosher for Sukkah with highest and best standard of Kashrut. Real bamboo which has been woven with durable, weatherproof monofilament as specified in the Psak of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann of STAR-K. With all of these, you will be given a highest quality of kashrut, and long life for these lightweight Sukkah Roof Schach. Once Succot Sukkah is over, the Sukkah Roof Schach can just as easily be rolled up into about 6″ in diameter making storage and retrieval simple year after year.
The Sukkah Roof, also known as Schach in Hebrew, has to be grown from the earth and can not be currently not attached to it. For example, placing a sukkah under the boughs of a tree would render its use invalid. Palm leaves, bamboo sticks, pine branches, wood and the like can all be used for the Sukkah Roof Schach, unless they were processed previously for a different use. The Sukkah Roof Schach must be sufficiently thick enough to provide a higher percentage of more shade than light in the sukkah. As a maximum, there is a concept of being able to see the stars through the Sukkah Roof Schach, but the absolute maximum is that rain should be able to penetrate into the sukkah.
The Sukkah Roof Schach enables covering your Sukkah to be a quick and simple procedure, your Sukkah can be completely covered in less than a minute. Once Succos is over, they can just as easily be rolled up making storage and retrieval conveniently simple year after year. The Sukkah Roof Schach are certified Under the strict supervision of the OK. Anything that is directly supporting the Sukkah Roof Schach should not be made out of materials that are not fit to be used as Sukkah Roof Schach. Thus, if the Sukkah Roof Schach is resting directly on the sukkah walls, and the walls are not made out of wood, strips of wood should be placed between the sukkah walls and the Sukkah Roof Schach. In larger sukkahs, where a framework of beams is needed to hold up the Sukkah Roof Schach, wood or bamboo poles should be used, not metal. Nor may the Sukkah Roof Schach be tied on with wire or fastened with any metal object.
Which is the right Sukkah Roof Schach I should Choose for my Sukkah?
We are most commonly and frequently asked this question and the answer is, that it is a matter of personal taste and custom. Most types of Sukkah Roof Schach mats are good for your Sukkah, but the key factor is for the Sukkah Roof Schach to be covered completely, and most people fell that, with Sukkah Roof Schach it is much more convenient and easier to cover the whole Sukkah.
Therefore, each person should make their choice based on their personal preference and sense of aesthetics for their SukkahOf every Mitzvot related to the Sukkot festival, it would seem that the most important is the putting together and construction of the sukkah that we dwell under for each day of the festival. While the understanding behind building the sukkah and dwelling in it is to remember the miracles of the exodus from the land of Egypt and G-d’s protection sheltering us as we traveled through the Sinai Desert. Its been said by the sages and mystics that when properly built, the sukkah serves as a model of the spiritual worlds and conduit for expanded consciousness, channeling divine benevolence into the Lower Realms.
Mitzvahland is currently offering good natural high-quality Sukkah Roof Schach mats. These types of Sukkah Roof Schach have been carefully selected to withstand a range of weather conditions across the USA and thus last a good amount of time. This kind of Sukkah Roof Schach are excellent for giving your sukkah a comfortable and natural look and feel.
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We also have different sizes of Bamboo
Schach Mat/Bamboo mat For Sukkot |
Mats Sukkah Roof Schach available in stock for Sukkah. 
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