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How to Build a Mitzvahland Sukkah?

How to Build a Mitzvahland Sukkah?


The  Sukkah halachically has to be directly under the sky in order for the schach to be the only thing in the way - therefore it will be advisable that you don`t build your Sukkah at midday when the sun is shinning.

Make sure to find a place with no trees etc that might block the space for the Sukkah, and then you start from the roof up

  1. make the top frame of the Sukkah with the corner pieces facing downwards
  2. put the posts of the Sukkah under the frames start on one side then get to the other, and in short your going to pick up the frame of step 1 of the Sukkah
  3. add the corners to the posts of the Sukkah
  4. make the bottom frame of the Sukkah connecting the the post together
  5. add the walls start from the top corner of the entrance of the Sukkah and work your way around from the OUTSIDE of the Sukkah. after that's done do the sides and then the bottom
  6. add the schach on top of the Sukkah.

and your ready to roll and enjoy your beautiful Sukkah!!

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