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Sukkah Kits 5 x 10 Easy Compact Sukah - Certified Kosher

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Fits 5 People

No Tools Necessary


Durable & Long Lasting

Build Under Hour


Comes in a 5 Feet Box For Easy Storage!

Guaranteed Kosher Sukkah

Mitzvahland Easy Compact Pre-Fabricated Sukkah for a Quick and Easy build in your home, office, school and temple. It is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly, it is pre-packaged in one box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of aluminum making it strong, durable and sturdy. Each piece of The Easy Compact Succah slides into a special fitting, the sukkah goes up in matter of minutes. Your hand is the only tool you will ever need. Sukkahs walls are made of white plastic. Sukkah comes with simple to follow detailed instructions that will help you build your Easy Compact Sukkah. Schach Mats and Bamboo Poles are not included in this sukkah. Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats can be purchased separately


Don't forget your Sukah Bamboo Mat - for this Sukkah you need 1 Bamboo Mat 5' x 10' (Schach)




Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is the first Sukkah I’ve assembled. So easy and straightforward. All pieces came together as expected. The tarp was longer than required for this size. I very easily folded it at the back and secured the fold with a bungee. I may get some extra pieces for next year to make it 10x10. Thank you

Samantha Barnepp
First Time Sukkah Owner

So, this was my first experience buying my own Sukkah. Here are my comments:

How many people can it fit?
I bought the 5 X 10. It fits about 4 to 5 people comfortably. We put a 48 " round table in the center and four chairs for our family. You could squeeze more people in there if really needed, especially without a table in there. However, for a small family this is perfect.

What does this kit include?
So this kit does NOT include everything you need to build a sukkah. It is only the metal structure and the tarp. You will also need to purchase 12 inch bamboo poles AND the s'chah for the top to complete your sukkah. Another mitzvah during Sukkot is to shake the lulav so you may also want to buy one of those while you are at it. Other things to consider: Do you need more lighting? Do you want sukkah decorations? Also do you want to pick up the sukkah at the store, have it shipped, or have it delivered if you live in Los Angeles. I paid extra to have mine delivered and I'm very happy I did. I do not live near the store so it would be far to drive and I did not want to risk anything getting broken in the mail. The guy who came to deliver was very nice and helpful and he came that day or the next day to deliver it.

Where can I put my sukkah?
I highly suggest measuring the space where you want to place your sukkah before purchasing so that you have a plan. One thing you also want to consider is that the sukkah's roof has to be open to the sky. That means that it can't be under a balcony or a tree. I put mine on my patio not on the grass.

What are the quality of the materials?
I found this sukkah to be excellent quality. It makes a really nice presentation. It's really sturdy. It got pretty windy during Sukkot and the sukkah held up nicely. I also love that it is waterproof. The structure doesn't need any tools to be set up which is definitely a plus. Just make sure to tighten the knobs that connect the poles together really tight.

Can you build this yourself?
Nope. Grab helpers. It took three of us (all adults) to build this. We were all first time sukkah builders. We could have used a fourth person, honestly. It did come with directions but as a first timer you may still have questions. It was not hard to put up but it was not an easy task either. I would give yourself some time to put this up. However, as a first timer, you may need help and you can call up the store and they will help you. It's a mitzvah to build for sure!

Other comments:
I like that this is a kosher sukkah. I don't have to worry about it being up to halacha. It's done for you. I like that this sukkah is also able to be packed up for next year in storage because it will be used year after year. I haven't done that yet. Hopefully it will be easy but I like the idea that easy storage is a feature here.

Enjoy everyone! Hope this review helps you pick a sukkah this year! Chag Sameach!

Lisabeth Harris

Sukkah Kits 5 x 10 Easy Compact Sukah - Certified Kosher

Gloria Sherman

Very simple to put together.
Would have preferred it to be 7 feet rather than 8 ft tall. Got it in time. Good Service. Walls are nice heavy plastic. Not too heavy like my former canvas sukkoth.

Steve Levy
Easy to assemble as promised

I needed a sukkah that would fit easily on a deck. This sukkah was perfect. Easy to assemble and the service was excellent. And the customer service was fantastic helped me out with all my questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which side is the door on?

It's simple the walls are long enough for 3 sides, leaving one side empty for the door, therefore you decide which side the door is.

How tall is the Sukkah

The sukkah is 8 Feet Tall.

What are the walls made of?

Our walls are made from heavy duty polyester, allowing your sukkah to stand from rain & heavy wind. The walls are attached to the metal frame by bunjies therefore making the process really quick.

How much dose shipping cost?

Lorem IpsumFree! we offer free shipping in the entire USA