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A Car That Goes Far

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A young boy discovers that using our possessions to help do mitzvos will really take us far! Join his family in their little car, as they offer rides to all their friends and neighbors. What will happen when they can't fit everyone in?

Doing mitzvos with the objects we own is an important part of our lives.  In A Car that Goes Far, a young boy grows to appreciate his father’s attitude of always offering rides to family and friends.

Their little car becomes a mitzvah object, as the family is always on the lookout for mitzvos and acts of kindness they can perform with it!  But what will happen when there’s no room to fit everyone in?

Exciting illustrations and bouncy rhymes make A Car that Goes Far a great addition to every bookshelf.  This message of sharing and doing favors for others is sure to resonate with children — and adults — of all ages