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Basic Kosher Tefillin

Original price $550.00 - Original price $600.00
Original price
$550.00 - $600.00
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The outer part of this Tefillin set is made of thick Parchment taken from sheepskin. The scrolls are computer and manually checked, hand written on natural parchment in Israel and are guaranteed to be 100% Kosher. A certificate certifying the Kashrut of this Tefillin set is included. 
Please indicate if the set is for a right handed or Left handed. Do you want Ashkenaz, Sfardi or Chabad version, see the options above. Price reflects a complete ready-to-wear set, inner & outer boxes, straps etc. 

  • Signatures are required for the receipt of all Tefillin.
  • We do not ship to PO boxes.
Hand: Right (Tefillin goes on left arm)
Nusach: Sefaradi

Customer Reviews

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Bill Malone
Wonderful Replacements

I believe that Hashem told me to give my a tefillin away to someone who needed them. I am an old man and I can pray without them. Then suddenly to my surprise, I came into several thousand dollars so I asked Hashem did you have me give away my tefillin so I could buy new ones. As an old man, I don’t have the time to wear these out they are wonderful the head tefillin fits my head and the arm for fefillin is long enough. I’ll give it a five out of five.

michael bailey o8
Basic Kosher Tefillin

I'm really pleased with the customer service and the Kosher Tefillin from

Mel Friedman
Basic Kosher Teffillin

We purchased Teffillin for the upcoming Bar Mitzvah of our grandson. For a "Basic" set I found them nicely detailed and well put together. Dealing with Mitzvaland was a pleasant, Hamish and efficient experience.

Beautiful Kosher Tefillin

Very nice set, before I bought I asked my rabbi which websites have kosher tefillin - he directed me to this site. Shipping was fast