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COVID-19 UPDATE: All orders are shipping on time.
COVID-19 UPDATE: All orders are shipping on time.

Basic Sukkah 8 x 10

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· Easy to assemble
· Compact and light
· Portable
· Durable, strong and sturdy
· No tools necessary
· Goes up quicker than any other Sukkah
· Build your Sukkah in about 30 minutes
· The best selling Sukkah

Mitzvahland Easy Compact Pre-Fabricated Sukkah for a Quick and Easy build in your home, office, school and temple. It is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly, it is pre-packaged in one box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of aluminum making it strong, durable and sturdy. Each piece of The Easy Compact Succah slides into a special fitting, the sukkah goes up in matter of minutes. Your hand is the only tool you will ever need. Sukkahs walls are made of white plastic. Sukkah comes with simple to follow detailed instructions that will help you build your Easy Compact Sukkah. Schach Mats are not included in this sukkah. Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats can be purchased separately at Amazon

Don't forget your Sukah Bamboo Mat - for this Sukkah you need 1 Bamboo Mat 8' x 10' (Schach)


Customer Reviews

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Someone in the valley sold me a sukkah for a cheap price one year one it came time to build it was missing parts and wasn’t sturdy so I went back to them and they got mad at me so the next year I saw Mitzvahland add and they said they will beat any price AND THEY DID which is shocking since they already are the cheapest but they gave me the price the other guy was going to give me since last year I told him my sukkah wasn’t the best non the less Mitzvahland gave me the price

The best apart this sukkah store it that they are legit it’s a company if you have a issue with them you can always come back they are established..... thank you !!!