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Extra Hadasim - Myrtle Branches for Sukkot - 3 pieces in a pack

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Hadasim or  Myrtle Branches, are one of the four species, in Hebrew known as Arba'at HaMinim, that are used together  with other 3 to celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot.

This extra set of 3 Hadassim for your Lulav and Esrog is a great convenience as a backup if your Hadassim generally dry out in the middle of Sukkot

Delivery  in USA only

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Please note: These are natural items which need refrigeration to preserve them properly,  Please take care to open package immediately and place the willow and myrtle in the refrigerator until the eve of Sukkot.

Mitzvahland has over 25 years of experience with supplying Lulav and Etrog sets to the Jewish community. We sell only the finest, freshest and highest quality of four species, and all Packed to withstand shipment.