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Garden of Emuna - Russian

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We all want to live calm, happy, healthy, economically stable lives, confident that all will go well for us always…Correct? Is there a sure way to achieve this? Yes! – With Emuna anything is possible. Emuna is a powerful tool for leading a satisfying and meaningful life. It is the key to developing and maintaining a personal relationship with the Creator. Through Emuna, you can manifest in your life all things to which you aspire. Emuna--faith--is the cornerstone for every Jew, and a deepening of faith opens our eyes to blessings and opportunities we never thought possible. This practical book offers insights into emuna, collected from stories, commentaries, and teachings presented in an easily readable format. Comparing faith to a garden, this book leads the reader into the lush, fragrant world of true emuna--an existence marked by its exquisite limitlessness and a manner of living that is harmonious with God's will. Garden of Emuna will guide you to using Emuna to draw healing, blessing and success into your life, resulting in a full and wonderful existence. By using Emuna, you can free yourself to live a joyous life free of worry, loneliness, depression, concern for money troubles, relationship problems and more. You will receive clarity and begin to understand the deeper meaning behind the events in your life. And with that understanding, you will be free to move forward in your life through personal growth and an increased awareness of your place in the world.