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Hashem Rofecha (Hebrew)

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Hashem Rofecha 
by Rabbi Shalom Arush

A very important element to know in the subject of medicine and health is that every person needs to change the life-habits and eating-habits that are harmful. Saying that medicine is all about repentance and prayer, etc., is a mistake; if so, one should not even preserve the health, arguing that all is on Hashem's hands...
On such an error, our sages said: Hakol Bidei Shomayim, Chutz Me'Yiras Shomayim, U'Tzonim U'Pachim. The sages suggested, that although everything is supervised and managed by Hashem, both spiritual and physical, but the person should at least have awareness in both areas, to act responsible to the best of his ability, including to preserve his health.

Rabbi Shalom Arush