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Pitum HaKetoret - The Incense Offering, for Protection and Good Fortune, on Parchment Hand Written, 5.75 Inch tall - Leather Case Included

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Pitum Haketoret - Kosher Handwritten on parchment with Case Ketoret Amulet Authentic Parchment. Prayer Segulah for Wealth

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai urges the people of Israel to read carefully the section of prayers describing the compound of the incense twice in the morning and once in the afternoon, assuring them that if they do, they will be protected from every source of evil and will not come to harm in that entire day.

This unique and special Pitum HaKetoret, Ketores that is Written on real kosher parchment by the God fearing Certified writer Sofer Stam" from the Jerusalem .

Caption is by the Halacha and by grammatical writing.
This includes the "Lamnatzech" in shap of Menorah light that is "Segula" to be read it every day.

Rabbi Haim Palachi wrote: 
(A person should) write the ‘Pitum HaKetoret’ on a parchment like a Torah so he can read it as an Amulet; since the ‘Ketoret’ brings wealth and it is guaranteed that that person’s sustenance will never be hurt and he will always have good fortune and wealth in plenty. (Kaf HaHaim 17:18)