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Sephardic art Haggadah by Raphael Abecassis and Daniel Bouskila Hyman

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Celebrate special Passover Seder with this unique and special Passover Haggadah, featuring the painting of Raphael Abecassis -  This special Hagaddah will be treasured for years and generations to come - RARE one of kind

  • Commentary by Rabbi Daniel Bouskila and art by Raphael AbecassisIn
  • Hebrew with full English translations and portions in Judeo-Spanish  - Ladino.
  • The Hebrew is based upon the Hebrew of Spain, Italy and Syria.
  • The English translation is by Rabbi Dr. Marc D. Angel.
  • Lots of colorful and gold accented illustrations throughout by Raphael Abecassis 

Made in Israel
Format:   Hard Cover
Dimensions:   9.50" x 13.50" x .75" inch
Pages: 107 
Illustrator: Raphael Abecassis