Siddur Sephardic with English Interlinear Translation Weekday and Shabat - Hebrew and English

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This interlinear prayer book is interlinear translated to English, and makes a big difference in your prayer by understanding what you are saying. Its one of the most clear interlinear translated English siddur. This siddur will for sure add meaning in you prayer and clarification to your prayer by understanding what you are saying!

Dimensions: 7 x 5
Pages: 1023


Enjoy Having These  Features at Your Fingertips:

Side–by–Side Translations

Conveniently see the entire Hebrew texts alongside their English translation.

Quickly discover which Hebrew  word is used in each verse—at a glance



You don't need to know Hebrew to read this siddur. The English and literal translations are included.One English translation appears right below the Hebrew word.

Customer Reviews

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Very Impressed!!

I am very impressed! This Siddur is gorgeous and not only that, but it has wonderful detailed instructions that are extremely helpful for those doing Teshuva. I love the interlinear approach rather than the linear. The interlinear gives a better flow and understanding to the prayers which brings a more meaningful richness while praying. Would Highly recommend! This is the best Siddur I have ever had and used.

Vary good seedour

we loved the seedour graet for the yoeem toveem