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Stone Edition Tanach - Full Size Black

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BY Rabbi Nosson Scherman
You know and use the Stone Edition, which has become the standard English-language Chumash. But what about the rest of the Written Torah, the Prophets and the Writings? Where can we go for a sweeping understanding of the text, as understood by the Sages and the classic commentators  presented in a way that makes it both accessible and enjoyable to scholar and layman alike?The first two volumes of the Rubin Edition of the Prophets  Joshua/Judges and Samuel I and II provided the answer. Thanks to the brilliance of the ArtScroll/Mesorah team of scholars and writers  led by Rabbi Nosson Scherman  the tradition continues, with The Rubin Edition of I Kings and II Kings in one volume. This translation and commentary on the Prophets is sweeping the English-speaking world, providing new dimensions of understanding and beauty. It not only brings the verses alive, it makes them speak to us  in language, in outlook, in aspiration for spiritual growth. This outstanding new work has an unprecedented array of features: A highly regarded new English translation, firmly grounded in traditional sources A commentary culled from classic sources and presented gracefully and literately Newly set Hebrew commentaries of Rashi, Radak, and Metzudos Tzion and Dovid, so you can study on many levels Newly set, accurate Hebrew text of the Tanach Introductions and explanations of difficult concepts Lightweight, opaque, acid-free paper, for decades of use Gilded page heads Ribbon place-marker PERFECT FOR STUDENTS!

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 2079
Dimensions: 7 x 10 x 2.063 inches

Customer Reviews

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High Praise!

I was pleased to receive my full sized black Stone Edition Tanach in perfect condition. I will be ordering from you again very soon. Thank you!

Just my size !

Larger print,easier to read! The feel of the pages are nice as well as the smell of a fine printing! Again...easier to read because of the larger print.

The Stone Edition TANACH

Enjoying it is a eye opener to the truth love it thank you.


The Stone Artscroll Tanach is a supremely excellent version of the Tanach. The translation from Hebrew to English is superb.


Excellence, the best tanakh. Full of extras. Very complete. High recommendations.