Sukkah Kits 10 x 10
Easy Compact Sukah - Certified Kosher

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• Seat 10 - 14 people
No piece is larger than 5 Foot
• No Tools necessary
• Easy to Assemble and take apart
• Extremely light and Strong
• Durable and Long lasting
• Expandable  
• The best selling Sukkah

Mitzvahland Easy Compact Pre-Fabricated Sukkah for a Quick and Easy build in your home, office, school and temple. It is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly, it is pre-packaged in one box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of aluminum making it strong, durable and sturdy. Each piece of The Easy Compact Succah slides into a special fitting, the sukkah goes up in matter of minutes. Your hand is the only tool you will ever need. Sukkahs walls are made of white plastic. Sukkah comes with simple to follow detailed instructions that will help you build your Easy Compact Sukkah. Schach Mats are not included in this sukkah. Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats can be purchased separately

Don't forget your Sukah Bamboo Mat - for this Sukkah you need 2 Bamboo Mat 5' x 10' (Schach)

Customer Reviews

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Game Changer

This Sukkah is a game-changer! I have put up a lot of canopies over the years. We loved our last sukkah(can't remember manufacturer), and it was great quality; the frame lasted for years, even through a replacement cover. THIS one is all that and more. Frame is great quality construction & weight. The Schach is also great quality, with the nice features you want, such as inner linings to all support features (i.e., all inner ties ( bungees), etc., are attached to a separate reinforced fabric piece to prevent the bungees from ripping the actual cover.). . And the absolute best part of the frame is the side support post. Once you have the sukkah properly placed and preliminarily attached, you can roll out the the bamboo mat i had to purchase separately, and the sukkah goes to where you need it. They actually did think of everything.
I was able to put up this whole assembly by myself (I am a 5'4" female). AND a great price along with the quality. This is honestly the only sukkah I will ever purchase now. COMPLETELY RECOMMEND!

It is easy enough for me to set up by myself

This is a fabulous succah. It is easy enough for me to set up by myself if I need to (I'm 5' 4' and sort of on the delicate side) though it Is a bit heavy for me to transport. fabric is sturdy but not so heavy that it is opaque. I haven't had to use the side weights yet they have been sturdy enough for me so far. I love how it fits in to a box after Sukkot.

very very strong

Before after one year of purchase of my sukkah it broke so i was looking for a strong one

five stars

It looks great and came on time


This was the best purchase I made
Literally heavy duty sukkah and realllllly easy set up it’s like a idiot proof sukkah
I had few questions and thier customer service team is amazing go Levi!!!!!