Sukkah Kits 8 x 10
Easy Compact Sukkah - Certified Kosher

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• Seat 8 - 10 people
• No piece is larger than 5 Foot
• No Tools necessary
• Easy to Assemble and take apart
• Extremely light and Strong
• Durable and Long lasting
• Expandable  
• Roof Support Included

• The best selling Sukkah

Easy compact Sukkah - Pre-Fabricated Quick and Easy
This traditional Sukah, is completely pre-fabricated for quick assembly and is pre-packaged in on two concise box for easy shipping and storage. The frame is made of aluminum making it sturdy and lightweight, and ensuring that they will not rust or corrode. Each piece of The Easy Compact Succah is able to be attached to each other, in matter of minutes. Your hand is the only tool you will need.

Our Sukkahs walls are made of white Tarp panel that attach to each other. Using the simple to follow detailed instruction will help you to build your Easy Compact Sukkah in as little as 30- 45 minutes.

Don't forget your Sukah Bamboo Mat - for this Sukkah you need 1 Bamboo Mat 8' x 10' (Schach)


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