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Tablets of Covenant Ketubah

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$260.00 - $460.00
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Size  19" x 20 1/2"

This Ketubah is another traditional representation of a home, with a roof-like top. At the center, in a space shaped like the tablets of The Ten Commandments, is the text of the marriage covenant, surrounded by decorative elements often associated with the ark and the Torah, like a crown, two lions of Judah, and golden pomegranates over blue velvet. Above these are some more decorations, mostly various flowers and birds, including, on the upper left side, a pair of birds near a nest, representing the establishment of a new family, which is what the Ketubah celebrates.

This print has been printed in the giclée technique on 140 lbs. 100% rag paper. Colors are non-fading, for at least 85 years.

Text: Hebrew and English
Ketubah Personalization: Select