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Zichron Meir Edition of Targum Onkelos - Slipcased Set - 5 Volume

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Targum Onkelos - the translation of the Chumash into Aramaic by Onkelos - is so important that the Sages included it in the obligation to read the weekly Chumash portion "shnayim mikra v'echad Targum” the Torah text twice andTargum Onkelos once. Now you will be able to gain a better understanding of the interpretation of Onkelos and enhance your understanding of Chumash.

The Zichron Meir Edition of Targum Onkelos: The definitive Aramaic interpretive translation of the Torah, elucidated and annotated.

The Edition of Targum Onkelos includes:

  • Chumash, Rashi, and Targum Onkelos fully vowelized
  • An elucidation of Targum Onkelos, following the style of the Sapirstein Edition of Rashi and other ArtScroll classics
  • An interlinear design, with the words of Targum Onkelos placed directly under the Hebrew of the Chumash text
  • A flowing translation of the Chumash, based on the Stone Chumash. This includes words marked in bold when the translation differs from that of Onkelos
  • Text that is highlighted when Onkelos deviates from the literal translation into his own interpretation
  • Notes that explain and clarify those places where Onkelos appears to add his own phrase or where he deviates from the simple meaning of the verse.

Footnotes that include background information and insights of other commentators

Format : Slipcased Set
Pages : 2422
Dimensions : 7 x 10 inches
Weight: 13.5 LBS
Release Date : 09/24/2020
Size : Standard
Color: Blue
Language: Hebrew/English

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LaDerryl Hart

Thank you! Shipped fairly quickly! LOVE this Targum. Very satisfied with my purchase. I look forward to many more purchases and continued support of Mitzvahland 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾