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Mehadrin Bamboo Mat 5' x 10' - Schach Mat

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 Durable & Long Lasting

 Kosher Certified

 100% Natural Woven With Raffia

Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats Schach are Mehudar - Mehdrin. They are 100% kosher with highest and best standard of Kashrut. Real bamboo which has been woven with durable, Rafia material all hand made for purpose of sukkot - these sukkah mats have been made according to psak and requirement of Badaz Yerushalim  With all of these, you will be given a highest quality of kashrut, and long life for these bamboo mats.  Once Succot Sukkah is over, it can just as easily be rolled up into about 6" in diameter making storage and retrieval simple year after year.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Harvey C.

This year, I bought my first Sukkah - the roof was giving me the biggest headache - all of the rules! This was the absolute easiest solution - it rolled right out - took less than 5 mins to put on the top of the Sukkah frame - did not have to attach it in any way. Thanks so much for making this available - Mitzvahland is AWESOME! Delivered with the entire Sukkah in one week - cross country.

Shlomo Boehm
Schach mat

Order came quickly, product was good, and seller was very helpful in fixing a delivery address issue before delivery.

Nicole Kell

We put up our sukkah today, and my dad, son, and I were amazed by the beauty of it all. The mehadrin mats were remarkable, and even neighbors commented on how beautiful it smelled. We are so pleased. Thank you!

Yankel Kreiman

Great service. Really happy. We ordered & came in 2 days !! Thanks

rivka Weiss

Great Purchase!!!!!!!!

Basic Vs. Premium

Basic Vs. Premium

Basic: Woven with plastic, offering a more affordable and practical choice. The plastic weaving provides durability and weather resistance, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

Premium - Mehadrin: Woven with natural raffia, offering a higher level of kashrus and an all-natural option. Its all-natural materials and meticulous craftsmanship not only contribute to religious observance but also give the sukkah a beautiful and organic look, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal of the Sukkot celebration.

Please note both are 100% certified kosher.

Year-Round Customer Service

Year-Round Customer Service

Unlike other sukkah companies that are only open during the Sukkot season, we offer a distinct advantage by being available year-round. This means that our customers can rely on us not only for purchasing sukkah kits but also for any support they may need throughout the year. Whether it's a missing part, a broken component, or any other issue, our dedicated team is here to assist and provide timely solutions. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to ensure a seamless and enjoyable Sukkot experience, no matter the challenge that may arise.

Most Trusted Since 1990

Most Trusted Since 1990

With over 30+ years of experience, Mitzvahland has established itself as a pioneer in the sukkah kits industry. Having successfully sold over 35,000 sukkah kits, we have become the most trusted and reliable brand that you can confidently rely on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much dose shipping cost?

Free! we offer free shipping in the entire USA

What's the difference between regular & mehadrin?

They are both 100% kosher, its just the mehadrin mat is completely natural making it a premium level of kashrus.

Are they kosher?

yes! our schach mats are 100% kosher, certified by aleph kosher.

Can this be cut?

yes, this can be cut. however we don't recommend this

How do you install it?

The installation process is as easy as it gets, Just roll it out!