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Mehadrin Bamboo Mat 5' x 12' - Schach Mat

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 Free Schach Storage Bag

 Roll out in Seconds


 Durable & Long Lasting

 Kosher Certified

 100% Natural Woven With Raffia

Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats Schach are Mehudar - Mehdrin. They are 100% kosher with highest and best standard of Kashrut. Real bamboo which has been woven with durable, Rafia material all hand made for purpose of sukkot - these sukkah mats have been made according to psak and requirement of Badaz Yerushalim  With all of these, you will be given a highest quality of kashrut, and long life for these bamboo mats.  Once Succot Sukkah is over, it can just as easily be rolled up into about 6" in diameter making storage and retrieval simple year after year.