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Bamboo Mat 8' x 12' - Schach Mat

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Please NOTE: We are no longer SHIPPING this size due to the oversize limits by UPS and FedEx, they charge $85+ for oversize mat shipped.

You can instead CLICK HERE  use TWO of our  4×12 Bamboo S’chach Mats, which will have the same coverage as a single 8×10 Bamboo S’chach Mat, with the added benefit that they are easier and smaller to handle and store, and cheaper to ship.

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Durable & Long Lasting

Kosher Certified

Mitzvahland Bamboo Mats Schach are Mehudar - Mehdrin. They are 100% kosher with highest and best standard of Kashrut. Real bamboo which has been woven with durable, weatherproof monofilament as specified in the Psak of Rabbi Moshe Heinemann of STAR-K. With all of these, you will be given a highest quality of kashrut, and long life for these lightweight mats. Once Succot Sukkah is over, it can just as easily be rolled up into about 6" in diameter making storage and retrieval simple year after year.

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Goldberg
schach is just what we needed

It's so nice to have fresh schach to cover our sukkah this year. We got 2 8x12 pieces to cover our 16x12 sukkah. They leave a lot of space to look out and cover enough. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much dose shipping cost?

Free! we offer free shipping in the entire USA

What's the difference between regular & mehadrin?

They are both 100% kosher, its just the mehadrin mat is completely natural making it a premium level of kashrus.

Are they kosher?

yes! our schach mats are 100% kosher, certified by aleph kosher.

Can this be cut?

yes, this can be cut. however we don't recommend this

How do you install it?

The installation process is as easy as it gets, Just roll it out!